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I help women visually translate their business's purpose through intentional and strategic brand design that conveys their message illustratively. Real talk, I freakin' love seeing women THRIVE in sharing their gifts with our world. I've made it my mission to help these women succeed and grow. My expertise is in reflecting your vision into an aligned brand identity that attracts & converts your target audience. Providing my clients with clarity and confidence to launch their dream.

I live by the coast in charming Wilmington, North Carolina with my husband of almost 10 years and our two young daughters. I wanted to be an artist when I was a kid, and though it took me years to trust and follow my intuition I am thrilled to report that I am now confidently living out my true purpose. The road to get here was not smooth, but I've learned we must embrace the uncomfort in order to grow. 

I've been rockin' the work at home mama gig since '13 and finally figured out how to combine my strengths, passions, and beliefs all into a specific mission of creatively serving fellow female entrepreneurs changing their story by pursuing their soulful purpose.  As a multi-passionate creative visionary, I provide entrepreneurs and small businesses brand identity styling and strategy to insure their brand’s visual and emotional messaging aligns with their mission, intention, product or service. More on how I created this life below...

I'm Alaina.



my story...

Hey friend!

As a kid I wanted to be an artist when I grew up. Creativity runs in my veins. I changed my college major choice more than 4 times, from pre-law (I'm one hell of a persuasive debater, ask my Hubs) Marine Biology, Art Education to finally committing to a BFA in Graphic Design & Advertising.

I lost a year in credits from jumping around while taking every single career aptitude or personality test available. All of them pointed to a career in art, business management and law. Looking back all of these results or qualities of mine meld together to support me as a self employed Brand Designer & Creative Strategist for entrepreneurial business owners.
I have been designing since I started my Graphic Design Bachelor degree in 2006. 

My Story

and then I realized...

After over a year of self discovery/reflection, webinars, workshops, books, podcasts, mentor program and a mastermind group I learned that I already know who I am, what I am passionate about and how I want to connect with the world. I was just afraid.

Graduating at the peak of the economy crash, design employment was not abundant. I grabbed any job that was offered to me since I was a newlywed with a boat load of student loan debt. 

I did the 9-5 crap jobs for years until I was a few months pregnant with my first babe and knew I did not want to continue this career path as a parent. 

I always felt deep down in my soul that I was meant for something big in this world. Societal pressures, student loan debt, becoming a Mother at a young age and boring jobs all dampened my spirits resulting in me forgetting who I was, what my purpose is and where my passion lies.
Motherhood hit me hard (still does most days). I felt lost and couldn’t pinpoint what I'm called to do in this world.   


 I knew all along, I just buried it deep down with every limiting belief, fearful thought and other blocks that prevented me from seeing how easily the dots connect.  Looking back now, it seems so clear that my past provided a variety of building blocks necessary for me to create a life I desire that aligns with myself as a woman, a mother, a wife and a creative entrepreneur.

My mission is to empower women to give birth to their ideas, to grow them into something bigger that impacts our world more than they ever dreamed of. Creating, crafting and curating brand design for female owned businesses is the fuel to the fire in my soul. 

Get To Know Me

1. fave tv shows:

THE Blacklist, queer eye & handmaid's tale

4. Sign & personality

2. Drink orders

5. I collect

plants and

3. fave foods

rice & beans, tacos and cake

tell me more!

red wine or a Margarita

& INTp

9.I'm the friend..

who tells it like it is and gives you the advice you need but don't want to hear

10. I never


go back

Get To Know Me

6. Born in NJ:

But lovin' the southern beachy lifestyle in NC

7. Got married

The ocean has my heart and soul, my toes belong in the warm sand

at the tender age of 23

8. I love the beach

online entrepreneur since '13

My journey

where I've been so far...


Graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor's in Fine Arts Degree: Graphic Design & Advertising


Married my best friend and moved cross country from NJ to AZ.



It's a girl! Motherhood, the most demanding job yet. 


It's a sister! Baby #2
makes us a family of 4.


My family and I
moved from AZ to NC
without a plan!


Put myself 1st, healed, started self discovery mission to figure out my purpose & joy.


Living out my mission of empowering self employed women to thrive through intentional brand  identity designs.

Hated my crap jobs, quit them to be a SAHM.

Started my Etsy Printable Design shop biz & found joy in being a WAHM. 

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