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Some of the links on this page are affiliate links. That means, I get a small commission if you purchase through this link. However I make it a point to only share tools and resources I truly love and use. Thanks for the support.

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Dig deep to clarify your biz purpose to make sure it is clear in your branding so your target audience and potential clients will feel your meaning and buy into you. Let me know how it works for you!

Define your Big WHY + learn how to use it to grow your business. 

The mission is to hold space for us shiny object chasers, big visionaries chronic pivoters with too many ideas to handle creative solopreneurs. We need the most accountability, connection and support as we evolve and grow our businesses. 

Join my free Facebook group - the creative collective of solopreneurs. 

Grab this editable PDF to audit, analyze and refine the last 3 months of your sales, marketing and mindset efforts to revitalize the growth of your business with a plan of action. 

Quarterly Business Review Workbook for Solopreneurs


download the pdf

download the pdf

tools for

business & design

These are my go to tools I use every day in my business. Tried and true these help power my biz growth and I highly recommend you try them in your biz.


I love Lightroom! It breathes life into my bleh iPhone pics with just one click of a preset. Presets are defaulted settings for a specific look to transform a photo. Cohesive brand photography is a must. 

How I transform my basic iPhone pics to gorgeous shots.


When you purchase on Creative Market, you are supporting a community of artists and designers. This marketplace has loads of tools to bring your creative projects to life the easy way.

My go to resource for fonts, templates, illustrations, etc. 


I have Unsplash bookmarked and use it all the time when I need to find professional photography for client work or for my own content. Pics are free to use - credit not necessary.

The jackpot for free premium photography.

design the easy way

Canva Pro is a must for businesses with an established brand. I refer all of my clients to the PRO version so they can have each of their logos and brand colors saved as defaults. Cohesive visuals to stay on brand.

The secret weapon to design stunning graphics quickly.

I've used QB since 2013 when I started working for myself. It's super easy, accessible and provides all of the reports & tools you need. *If you use Turbo Tax - it's a perfect marriage to get your taxes done easily. 

Self employed accounting is stress free with Quickbooks.

organize your $ - save 50% 

Manage your business effortlessly with an all in one.

code: alaina20 = 20% off

I tried Mailchimp & Convert Kit - they both left me so frustrated I just gave up on email marketing. Then my life changed - try out FloDesk for beautiful & easy templates to set up a sequence the easy way.

email the fun way - 50% off

Easy email marketing that keeps you on brand.

I despised trying to design my site in Wordpress. Showit has no limits on design capabilities - it is a true drag & drop platform. My site is built on Showit and my blog is still powered on Wordpress. The perfect marriage. 

Hands down the easiest & prettiest website platform.

drag & drop web design

Dubsado is my work horse system for business and client management that is an all in one tool for scheduling calls, invoices, proposals, contracts, website forms, selling my packages and more. I felt lost without it. 

There are a bunch of social media planning platforms - honestly I've only used Planoly and never left since it works for me. I love to be able to see what my grid will look like and love the ability to store hashtags for ease. 

My fave tool to plan out my Instagram/FB content posts.

plan your ig like a pro

It helps me break down my big picture vision into my everyday. Passion Planner helps me keep track of everything that matters and helps me reflect to focus on what is most important in my life and business. 

The paper planner that gets your life together.

I'm super picky about printed materials and have high standards. You'll love MOO! They produce awesome print products and cool design finishes. Get 25% off your first order! *I use Moo biz cards

Gorgeous print work, verified by a certified paper snob - me

get 25% off your order

#teampaper planner -10% off

Never search for coupon codes again. With 1 click, Honey’s smart shopping assistant will automatically apply every discount to your cart in seconds. I use this browser extension every time I order something online - so a lot. 

Online savings, simplified. Your promo code BFF.

let coupons find you

my favorite 

books & apps

Easy tips to simplify your marketing and transform your words into an intriguing story. 

This is the brand messaging bible. 

tell your brand story

Here is a list of some of my favorite books that have impacted my life and business plus apps I recommend.

While this was written in 1955 every word she writes is relevant today as women try to juggle many plates. 

The ultimate beach read on self care importance

This reads like a textbook but informs you like one. Learn how to run your business more effectively, make more money, and keep that money.

Read this to avoid costly & stupid business mistakes

Great advice & examples of living a creative life authentically. You'll feel inspired to share your magic.

Art is everywhere, creativity is within us all. 

From quick audio messages between my clients to sending my hubs a funny story that happened that day, Voxer is a great tool send & receive audio messaging, I have the regular free one.

Walkie Talkie Communication app

chirp, chirp

Post Covid - everyone is on  Zoom now. It's the standard for easy video conferencing for 1:1 to group lives. It's so popular it is an adjective now. 

The one and only video conferencing platform

run a smarter biz

Zoom it up

Have you ever calculated how long it took for you to complete a client project or how much time you waste aimlessly scrolling? Track it to stay focused.

reflect on your life

Free time tracking app for productivity & projects

ready, set track it

read it & go for it

Record and Transcribe any meeting with your clients, team or even yourself and get the words instantly emailed to you. 

Otter is where conversations live

record + transcribe

Some of the links on this page are affiliate links. That means, I get a small commission if you purchase through this link. However I make it a point to only share tools and resources I truly love and use. 

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